Training Management Software

Training Scheduling - Pre-Planning

 Resource planner solution.
Powerful, easy to use solution to keep track of all your resources
                  • Employees
                  • Instructors
                  • Classrooms
                  • Dedicated classrooms (VPT, Briefing Rooms,...)
                  • Simulators

Build training plan based on

                  •  Initials (New Hire, Conversion course, Captain upgrade,...)
                  • Recurrent events based on expiry and grace period 
                  • Off days
                  • Vacation
                  • Requests
                  • Instructor Qualifications
                  • Training contractual rules
                  • CAA rules
                  • "What if" scenarios

Submit monthly schedule to third party Crew Planning/Scheduling for legality checks and bid awards.

Flexible user friendly administrative module

Create curriculum templates, events, set rules to address any regulatory changes or company requirements.

The graphical user interface let you drag and drop event on the schedule.

To enhance usablity, user can select the number of days to be seen graphically on the schedule.

View my schedule (MySked)


                  •  check his own schedule
                  • open training/checking event to review and sign
                  • review notification / document to sign
                  • Update personal information
                  • Upload passport
                  • Upload Medical Certificate
                  • Download Employee Card with required training/checking info


(In addition to above as employee)

      • Open training/checking event to grade/review/sign electronicforms.
      • View Training History ofTrainee (Line Training).
      • Send requests for Days off,vacation
      • ...


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