Training Management Software

Training and Qualification Monitoring

The Records Management Solution.

Integrate all your free-floating data within our Training Management Solution.   

Our sophisticated rule-based engine will perform all necessary checks based on your approved training manual and the latest regulations.

You are in control of your data regardless our solution is on premise or hosted in our secured private cloud. 

Furthermore, your data is fully accessible to your organization. 

CISEFA data is available to others systems through our secure application interface.

Easy to use and highly automated, it includes a user friendly administrative interface to create curriculum , events, instructor's authorizations and sets the rules to address any regulatory changes or company requirements.

All category of personnel benefits from this powerful design:

                • Flight Crew
                • Cabin Crew 
                • Dispatchers
                • Maintenance Engineers
                • Ramp Agents
                • Customer Service Agents
                • Corporate Staff
                • Any category you create

Our rule based engine will perform the required processes
                • Set curriculum segments and training modules
                • Set curriculum ( initial ( new hire, transition, upgrade, requal etc. , Recurrent, Special tracking)
                • Track crew on Initial Training, Line training / Operating Experience
                • Track competency checks
                • Track unexperimented crew members / Consolidation of Knowledge and skills
                • Track Recurrent Due Dates , Training and Checks specific to the category and qualification.
                • Track Special Curriculum (example failure during a Continuous Qualification Maneuver Validation or LOE).
                • Track English proficiency
                • Track Temporary License
                • Track Medical
                • Track Recency of Experience
                • Track Flight Attendants competency checks
                • Track any specific events (company specific, or any event you want to track example:  Airport Permit)

Using our solution will help you 

                • Be paperless certified
                • Pass audits with Flying Colors

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