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Electronic Grading & Performance Monitoring
Statistical Reporting

The Ultimate Performance Monitoring Solution.

CISEFA provides a fail-proof system,enabling electronic based handling, processing, hosting of crew training forms and data (especially crew performance grading data), compatible with applicable aviation regulations (including soft-law regulations) and compliant with the requirements of AQP / ATQP /EBT.

Originally built for high level standards AQP/ ATQP then EBT, CISEFA has extended our solution to any type of eForms: traditional, surveys, safety and quality assurance forms. Data collected in our performance database is then used by our Statistical Reporting tool to analyse and pinpoint area that need attention. 

Artificial intelligence and Statistical reports provide a smart monitoring of crew performance making our product unique.

Our solution simplify the use of smart E-forms for aviation and non-aviation organizations on any devices.

Our system is a one stop shop solution for all your e-Form needs in your organization.

Our solution manages the entire life-cycle of a form and the processes involved.

Based on feedback we have received from multiple high achieving individuals and companies, we believe to be the most advanced solution for our customer's current and future endeavors.

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